William Balthazar Rose

Projects – Promo Indian Center

This project represents an attempt to forge a poetic response to divergent elements coming from a collaboration of dreams and images derived from the context of northern California and the Pomo Indian tribe. Elements from Indian myth, and modern waste (recyclable materials including electric power towers, aluminum cans, rubber tires, rubble, and electric irons) are combined.

The notion that construction is a ritual and a process is inherent to the project, with the process of building by hand being stressed. In a sense the project represents a slow architecture as opposed to a beaurocratic and corporate one. Craftsmen and artists are incorporated in the making of the   structure, and so the process is seen as a visionary one.

Water and fire and their metaphysical, astrological and alchemical realities are combined in an expression of rebirth for the tribe. The project is shamanistic in conception and there is a definite architectural expression of rebirth through the mimetic voyage defined in the planning of the complex of buildings. My personal appetite to create this project, and my anxiety and spiritual tension in envisioning this architecture, resulted in a highly expressive and imaginative architecture which is apparent in such elements as the use of wind power to make music and make the building speak (wind chimes etc.) and to power and propel a fountain.