William Balthazar Rose

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Artist’s Statement

I wish to make in painting something equivalent to poetry in writing.

william-painting-at-easel-2013I was born to a family of artists and since an early age have been immersed in the Arts. As a child I studied everything from jewelry making, costume design and architecture to bronze casting, stained glass and poetry, but above all else painting.

I have searched to elaborate a personal sensibility and to inaugurate a type of painting perfect in execution and one capable of the suspension of time. One of my greatest interests has been the creation of a personal narrative. This has lead to a series of paintings known broadly as ‘Cooks’. These paintings are humorous and at times terrifying. They represent a delving into the subconscious and mysterious portions of the collective and personal psyche.

wr-san-tropezArt is in part the expression of dynamic sensations, sensations that come from within and are not derived from such notions as whether a piece is saleable or not. I wish to make my work accessible to an audience that values intellectual life. For me art is not a ‘service industry’ or an ‘investment opportunity’ or for that matter a competition or something pretty to hang on the wall. Art expresses the strivings of the spirit. One could say that art comes from an inner life, and also quite simply the necessity to make visible the needs of the soul.

My work is an attempt to grapple with the of making two-dimensional images, finding truth in a creative voyage, and coming to grips with my circumstances and influences. My process involves the straightforward observation of nature and the invention of narratives from my imagination. I am fascinated with the human world and my work seeks to express the human condition.

wende-williamI have painted landscapes since I was a child, and the observation of landscape has been a sacred activity for me linking my sentiments to and with an outer world. I treat landscape painting as evidence of the divinity of place. This has brought me to dearly love the world.

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